Zootechnician Veterinarian Academic Program


Help to the development of the South region of Jalisco, creating Zootechnician veterinarians who propose alternatives to satisfy the necessities in foods of animal origin. Preserve our livestock inventory and collaborate for the good of public health in the community.



It is recognized as an academic program which contributes to the livestock development in the South of Jalisco, through the creation of human resources trained scientifically to promote alternatives in the development and solution of the problems related to the animal health and production, as well as public health.


To form professionals who are capable of carry production methods in conventional and un-conventional species, taking into consideration the social, political, economic cultural and ecological factors, with the purpose of providing more food at a minor cost and time. Deal with the issues in animal health and its effect on public health. Acquire the basic methodological tools for the scientific research, which allow them to create, adapt, transfer, and value technologies that can be applied to solve the problems in the agriculture sector.


Application profile
The applicant to the career should have:

  • Initiative attitude, responsibility, self-learning, discipline, leadership, social skills, honesty, ethics, constancy, vocation of service, like and interest for the biological phenomena, availability for lab and field work.
  • Aptitudes: Being able to take advantage of available resources; knowing how to lead, administrative abilities, team work and critical analysis skills, capacity of abstraction and synthesis, logical-mathematical thinking, reading comprehension skills, writing skills, creativity, public speech skills and manual abilities.
  • Academic background: it is required a solid basic instruction in the areas of biochemist, biostatistics, morph physiology, and genetics.


Graduated profile

The Zootechnician veterinarian will be able to:

  • Promote the well-being of the society and animals as well through the appropriate use of the previously mentioned animals, carrying their professional activities with ethic within the up to date legal frame.
  • Promote the functional and productive efficiency through animal health, with the use of knowledge and the application of the preventive medicine and diagnosis capacity, treatment and plague and animal illness control.
  • Participate in the public veterinarian programs, through health education, prevention zoonoses, hygiene and protection of foods, to protect man’s health.
  • Use and apply the updated knowledge with the integral concept specie-product of etiology, genetics, nutrition, reproduction, sanity, legislation, economy and administration, incorporated to the optimum use of the physical infrastructure and the study of the ecosystems to improve the production and productivity of animals and run production and agricultural inputs companies and institutions alike.

Professional profile
Graduate from this degree will be able to work in:

  • Public and private institutions: research methods to improve the use of animals, run and give advice in the different livestock and avian, plants and factory industries,
  • Banks and government credit institutions; giving advice in the administration of agriculture industries.
  • As a free practice: Analyses the livestock products, giving advice in the feeding, insemination, genetic, vaccines, sanity, installations and industrialization of animals, as well as products which create a more economic performance.

Graduation requirements
The Zootechnician Veterinary Academic Program has a length of 10 semesters (5 years) average, and in requires to complete 475 as a minimum of credits, plus the Social Service to obtain the college degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure

Visit the Control Escolar’s website: www.escolar.udg.mx