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Application process
In this section you will find the information and links which are necessary to carry with the application process to the Centro Universitario del Sur, according to the corresponding requirements.

The Centro Universitario del Sur, offers 17 educational programs, from which 1 is on a technician level, 13 bachelor's degrees and 3 master’s degrees. You can read the information of each of these careers at:

If you are interested on making the enrolment for a place in CUSur, the first thing you have to do is check the dates for the paperwork in the Requirements Calendar (Calendario de trámites) corresponding to each Centro Universitario (university campus). You can check the calendars at:

Once the dates are verified, you must proceed to the enrolment via internet or the Registration paperwork (Registro de Trámites) visit:, for which we request you to please read carefully the steps for the enrolment process (pasos a seguir para realizer el trámite de ingreso).

Once the enrolment registration is finished, to check, download and print the payment formats (formatos de pago) and enrolment appointment date (cita a solicitud), Go to Monitoring of procedures (Seguimiento de támite) at:

In this very same link you can perform any change of degree within the registration of application’s period.


Required documents:
If you are a graduate from a general high school (from January 1996 until now) from official schools in the Universidad de Guadalajara, you will omit the documents due in the case of applying for a degree.

For graduates form a general high school, external to the Universidad de Guadalajara, schools incorporated to UdG or any other educational institution, national or foreign, and aspirants to the Degree on Nursing, should present, in order to have the right to apply for the career, the following documents.


For bachelor degree visit:


For Nursing bachelor degree visit:


For masters degree visit:


For aspirants with Studies in a foreign institution visit: