The University of Guadalajara is committed to the development of research and pot-graduate studies, because of its relevance in the training of high-level human resources and in the generation of knowledge that contributes to economic development and social well-being.

In this sense, the institution needs to give a new impetus to research and post-graduate studies as a fundamental axis of the educational model of the University of Guadalajara, without overlooking the commitment and social responsibility that has historically maintained in the solution of public problems.

This links the research and teaching at all educational levels to enrich both substantive functions and to make them distinguished by their coverage, diversification, quality and relevance.

In terms of Generation and Application of Knowledge (GAC for its acronym in Spanish), the Southern University of Guadalajara Campus has been able to progress in the fulfillment of quality indicators, such as the increase in the number of professors-researchers recognized by the Program for Professional Teacher Development (PRODEP for its acronym in Spanish) ) of the Secretary of Public Education (SEP for its acronym in Spanish); The formation of this researchers with degrees of masters and doctorate; The creation and consolidation of Academic Groups (CA for its acronym in Spanish) linked to teaching and research, as well as the increase of high level academics recognized by the National System of Researchers (SNI for its acronym in Spanish).

Despite the progress made, the Southern University of Guadalajara Campus assumes the challenge of increasing and strengthening its development in these areas. For this reason, we seek the consolidation of Academic Groups that integrates a critical group according to the national and world quality standards; the detection, training and support of research talent; the development of research groups, as well as ensuring the relevance of their lines of research based on the needs of society and the promotion of sustainable development, and promote the research in the business environment and productive sector to increase external resources , that allows to increase the scientific, technological production and creation of patents.

Sources:  Institutional Development Plan 2014-2030
Southern UoG Campus Development Plan 2014-2030