Psychology Academic Program


The integral formation of psychologists with a high sense of ethic and basic practical experience, based theoretically with the purpose of offering the society with professionals who are able to meet the psychological necessities in the clinical, labor, educational, and social areas in children, adolescents, youngsters and adults, sustaining our actions in the taking of conscious, the respect to the diversity, responsibility, constancy and integral heatlh.

The career of Psychology is recognized of forming professionals with standards of regional, national and, in process for, international quality, in the psychological area with a quality education, capable of adopting solutions to problems in a common matter which may present on the educational, labor, clinic and social areas promoted through this educational program.

Increasing in the student knowledge about the contributions of psychology in the health area. Training professionals of high quality, with a high ethic sense, with theoretical-practical abilities of the discipline, with abilities for computers and control of English language which facilitates  their up-to-date and allow them to comprehend materials and environments, and which promotes the student mobility and their participation on disciplinary events.

Application profile
The applicant to this career should have the following:

  • Interests: Humanistic, scientific and of service, availability to work in inter and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Aptitudes: reading skills, oral and writing communication ability, thinking skills (attention, memory, analysis, synthesis), self-exploration skills.
  • Attitudes: empathy, respect, responsibility, time availability to study a degree, emotional stability, strong criteria to take decisions.
  • Values: Social and personal responsibility, consistence, innovation, integral health, quality, critical spirit, creativity.


Graduated profile
Graduates from the degree on Psychology will be able to:

  • Perceive the individual as a whole, determine by their biological, psychological and social variations.
  • Know the actual theories which explain he origin, development and the regularities of the human psique.
  • Possess the skills and abilities to analyze synthetize and reflect over the knowledge in the area of psychology.
  • Possess a solid philosophical, theoretical, methodological, and instrumental formation in order to build new knowledge.
  • Manage tools and techniques referent to the discipline so that they can identify problems, establish diagnosis, propose and apply the correct solutions, evaluate the effects of their interventions and prevent that problems appear.
  • Show a critical attitude before the reality phenomena, developing a sense of discipline to work, as well as solidarity and compromise with the population who needs and demands their professional services.

Professional profile
The areas of professional work that are contemplated for the psychology duties nowadays are:

  • Public sector as well as clinics, psychological support institutions, family attention offices or areas, as well as schools which provide educational or psychological orientation.
  • Private sector in the areas of training and formation in human resources, organizational development, areas of employment evaluation, competences identification, as well as the evaluation in application, promotion and permanence of the employees.
  • Free professional practice in the areas of clinic, educational and work psychology, providing advice, diagnosis, intervention and evaluation among the population with requirements of psycho-therapeutically support and assistance.
  • Teaching in different levels in the psychology competence areas.
  • Participating in projects of intervention in areas of the psychology.


Graduation requirements
The degree on Psychology has a length of 10 semesters (5 years) average, and it is required to complete a minimum of 450 credits to obtain their college degree, plus the corresponding Social Service. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)


Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: