PhD in Psychology with a Life and Health quality orientation


The PhD in Psychology with a Life and Health quality orientation program, includes the lines of generation and application of knowledge conceptualization in which the students’ research projects will be developed.  These include some of the knowledge and skills in which the program teachers focused during the last 10 years from the experience of the doctorate studies. Additionally they summarize part of the knowledge that has been transformed in investigation products that include a pre and postgraduate thesis, articles, book chapters, academic bodies, presentations, among others.


The doctorate has as an objective to form doctors that:

  1. Will demonstrate a service attitude that will respond to the theoretical and practical knowledge demand as a road to solve relevant scientific and social problems.
  2. They will make basic, applied, original, independent, and with the most high academic quality research.
  3. They will create new groups and research networks to strengthen the scientific discipline character and will participate in the formation of human resources.
  4. They will produce and manage resources to implement investigation projects that will allow comprehension, explanation and suggest solutions to theoretical and practical problems.

Entry profile

The Doctorate candidate should be capable to:

  1. Propose research problems and design strategies for their solution.
  2. Interpret, analyze and evaluate the scientific information in its knowledge field.
  3. Understand the academic and professionals objectives of the postgraduate program.
  4. Recognize the social and scientific research relevance and its impact on the knowledge and community field.
  5. Have disposition to participate, organize and conduct group study, of academic and research work.

Intermediate Profile for the Doctorate

The student enrolled in the doctorate program:

  • Will dominate the conceptual and methodological aspects in the generation and application of the psychological knowledge field.
  • Will be capable of generating and defending research ideas related with relevant social and scientific problems.
  • Will propose written solutions and will orally present the research projects that contribute to improve a relevant local or national problem.

Graduate profile

The graduate will have knowledge, abilities, attitudes and values in the following:

  1. Knowledge
    - They will get an integral knowledge in their area of research.
    - They will understand and apply the theoretical and methodological principles required in the research area and application of knowledge interesting to them.
    - They will be able to generate psychological vanguard knowledge that contributes to the solution of problems with social and theoretical relevance.
  2. Skills
    - They will critically analyze relevant scientific information that is pertinent to a specific area of study.
    - They will communicate and orally advocate for the results of their research through the use of pertinent information technologies.
    - They will conduct and generate original research and they will incorporate into multidisciplinary work groups.
    - They will elaborate papers in Spanish and/or English that will be published in important scientific magazines.
    - They will be leaders in collegiate work, teaching and human resources formation.
    - They will be able to transact resources for research.
  3. Attitudes and Values
    - Practice of the Universidad de Guadalajara substantive functions will be fomented.
    - They will have a sense of scientific responsibility and social commitment.
    - They will be respectful and tolerant of the ideas, people, and work of other colleagues of the discipline or foreign to it.
    - They will show tolerance and disposition of the scientific criticism of the works and or research ideas.
    - They will be disciplined, honest, and they will conduct themselves ethically.

Work Field

The graduates of the Ph.D in Psychology oriented to life quality and health will incorporate on the industry, IES, research centers or institutions, federal or state health offices or areas related to their training. Likewise, given the graduate profile of each program they will develop professionally in terms of creation, direction and/or participation in academic bodies or research groups, incorporation into the national network of researchers, resource management to execute research projects, academic production and human resources formation.

Length of the program

It is of four semesters with a total of 153 credits. During the course of the doctorate, the student will elaborate his thesis and once he has obtained the corresponding credits it will defend the thesis, with which he will obtain the degree of doctor in psychological investigation.


PhD. Felipe de Jesús Díaz Reséndiz
Position: Coordinator of the Doctorate in Psychology oriented to life quality and health.
Location: “G” Building, first floor.
Telephone 01 (341) 575 22 22 Ext. 46168