PhD in Behavioral Science with Orientation to Food and Nutrition

During the last past years there have been important changes on the food behavior in human beings as a result of the interaction with economic, cultural and emotional factors.

These interactions among variables have created two problems that demand the attention of specialized researchers with a multidisciplinary vision. Considering the changes which have been presented in the eating behavior and the effects that these have had on health, it has become important to develop human resources which provide knowledge about this issue.

A multidisciplinary perspective is the principal characteristic in the PhD in Behavioral Science with orientation to Food and Nutrition because it contemplates within its academic formational model, the conjunction of different perspectives which discuss the eating phenomena.
Clearly, this is an particular aspect which will allow the development of capacitated researchers, who will give solution to the current problematic in eating behavior.

Objectives of the program.

  1. To form high level researchers, competent in research of the Eating Behavior, with a wide knowledge of the conceptual basis and methodologies of discipline, capable of conducting original researchers with a international recognizing.
  2. To train researchers to assume researching roles, educational and multidisciplinary collaborations at public and private institutions.
  3. To prepare researchers with a high international prestige, able to prepare and manage other researchers or group of researchers, with the necessary competences to formulate alternatives for the solving of eating problems.
  4. To promote the research, identification, analysis and solution of problems related to eating behavior, through the idea of providing practical, original and innovative ideas.
  5. To contribute in the decentralization of postgraduate programs and scientific research.
  6. To favor the solidification of high quality postgraduate programs in the Universidad de Guadalajara in its total as well as in the Centro Universitario del Sur in particular.

Application profile.

  • To show abilities in the use of bibliographical repertoire, documentary archives and databases to extract the necessary information for the elaboration and development of researches related to the eating behavior.
  • To possess the enough competences to elaborate researching designs, practical and flexible, with an accurate level of usefulness which allow them to reach the goals of his / her research.
  • To be competent in the use of the techniques within the discipline and specially on those used for his / her research.
  • To show a wide knowledge of the theoretical perspectives that are related directly and indirectly to the research’s subject.
  • To show enough abilities in the comprehension, systematization, interrelation and analysis of summarized forms of the data, of primary and secondary information, of oral, written, audiovisual and other varied sources
  • To have a capacity to present results of their research according to the critics in the topic.

Intended to
The DCCN is designed for professionals, teachers and researchers related to the evaluation, analysis, control, experimentation and teaching on topics which has a connection with the eating behavior in humans and animals. It is expected that the applicants to this doctorate have as a recent background a Masters related to psychology, medicine, veterinary, nutrition, public health, anthropology, science or law, and that his or her area o preparation is linked to the social and humanistic sciences or to biology medicine. However, it is the academic board t approve the acceptance to students with a Masters in the areas of preparation different from the mentioned before, just in case the applicant fulfill the profile and requirements for the application. In this sense, the principal interest of applicants for this doctorate should be directed to go deeper through the research in the alimentary field.

Application The application to the DCCN is every year.


Information and Application procedure:

PhD. Ana Patricia Zepeda Salvador  (Doctorate Academic Coordinator).
Institute for Research in Food Behavior and Nutrition (IICAN), Research Institute of the University Network
Telephone number: 01 341 575 22 22, extension number: 46102

Website: IICAN