Part time Nursing Technician

The coordination offers to nursing assistants with finished secondary studies and working on a health institution, the opportunity to grow professionally through the part time nursing career modality, which allows students keep their academic and working activities.

To form nursing professionals with full development of their capabilities, values and attitudes to the competitive professional performance to influence in individual and community health; to answer the demand of health services, encourages self-care, improves the life quality of the people and contributes to the sustainable development of the country carrying out their professional performance with quality and warmth.

Encourage and strengthen teamwork in a multidisciplinary way, as well as the academic offer, educating capable and responsible professionals in the performance of their activities related to nursing profession.


  • Paying attention in nursing care of children, teenagers, adults, woman in reproductive age and elder in the individual aspect, and families of daycare children, schools, attention in factories, hospitals, health centers, promoting health, prevention, attention to patients and rehabilitation.
  • Detecting problems of hygiene and prophylaxis in individuals, family and community inside the objectives of the program to promote and protect the wellbeing.
  • Perform administrative actions according to education level and health services to use human and material resources to fulfill their attention activities of comprehensive nursing.
  • Applying the scientific method in the diagnosis and problem solution of individual, families and community in the exercise of their profession and in the participation of nursing research in their work area.
  • Accomplishing their actions closer to deontology and with a social sense that characterize the Universidad de Guadalajara graduates, as well as quality.

Admission profile

  • Physical integrity and an optimal health level that favor the professional development.
  • Disposition to study and availability to cover the credits.
  • Emotional balance an ability to manage stress situations.
  • High sense of responsibility an respect for life.

Admission requirements

  • Birth certificate
  • Original secondary diploma.
  • A recent work letter signed and stamped. (specifying nursing assistant activities)
  • First aid certificate.
  • Attend and pass the propaedeutic

Graduate profile
Competent professional with theory, practical and scientific knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and positive values that allow decision making in problem solving in a multi and interdisciplinary way: capable to influence in their social surroundings, generate self-care, new knowledge and use of technology to help individual and family health in different stages of life.

Work field

  • Health institutions
  • Private health institutions
  • Educational institutions

Career length
It lasts six semesters and at the end one year of social service in a public health institution.

Enrollment information
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