Nutrition Academic Program

To form professionals capable of evaluate the nutritional status of the populations in a mass and individual level, administrate alimentation, nutrition and educational programs, do researches in these areas and integrate to multidisciplinary teams to take part in the nutritional situation through promotion, attention and preventive actions.

The degree on Nutrition centers its vision into the future, creating a promising present, a present engaged with the quality of education, thinking on a teaching personnel with a positive level al preparation so that the career has a wide perspective of the national and international panorama in the area of management and process of the edibles with the vision to improve the life quality in our community. It integrates human and technical resources which meet and satisfy the necessities which, in an individual or massive level, the society commands in its graduates.

To form professionals in nutrition capable of:

  • Evaluating the nutritional status in a massive and individual level.
  • Administrating programs and take part in the alimentary and nutritional processes, with a multi and interdisciplinary emphasis.
  • Developing knowledge, attitudes and values in order to transform their reality with a scientific critical and humanistic sense.
  • Participating in the professional employment markets in a regional, national and international level.

Application profile
Interests, aptitudes and attitude:
Analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills; individual and team work culture; multi and interdisciplinary work; personal and professional quality culture; psychological stability, oral and written communication; intelligent and based participation; respect and care for life, freedom and death; respect and care of the natural environment; also to the individuals and their rights; experience in the institutional regulations; helping and service spirit; equitable and fair treat, compromise and professional and institutional pride, vocation and service attitude.


Graduated profile
The areas in nutrition in which this professional can practice are:

  • Food Science.
  • Clinical Nutrition.
  • Population nutrition.
  • Food services management and food commercialization.
  • Education and research.

The before mentioned, developing scientific, critical, innovative, creative and reflective capacities about the nutrition-alimentary process to evaluate and satisfy the necessities and demands to a individual, familiar and communitarian level.

Creating and applying protocols of research with quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies and writing scientific papers in the fields of human nutrition.

Performing methods, techniques and procedures typical in Nutrition, to contribute in the solution of health-illness problems in the population, without detriment of the environment.


Professional profile
Graduates in Nutrition will be able to work professionally in public and private health institutions, educational, sports, and industrial institutions, as well as in the free independent practice.


Graduation requirements
The degree on Nutrition has a length of 8 semesters (4 years) and in requires to complete 430 credits as a minimum, plus Social Service in order to obtain the collage degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)


Application procedure

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