Nursing Academic Program


To form professionals in nursing with the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitude for the well development of the processes of helping, teaching, managing and researching required providing attention to the healthy and non-healthy individual, family and community at a health care level.


To promote and strengthen the team work in a multidisciplinary way along with thw educational offer creating capable and responsible professionals in he performances of their activities corresponding tie the nursing professional.


  • To create professionals in nursing, competitive, critical, reflexive, under methodology schemes, conceptual and practical.
  • To establish the changing of plans and programs according to the tendencies in education, to give a response to the requirements of the professional market, recovering the scientific and technological improvements, and social demands in terms of health, local, national and international, through a competency focus integrated to the nursing professional context.

Applicant profile

Expected qualities:

  • To possess basic knowledge for the communication, appropriate use of Spanish written and orally.
  • Capacity for the research, selection and timely use of information.
  • Reading comprehension to topics related to thinking processes; To possess logical-linguistic tools (mathematics, English, reading and basic computer tools).
  • Ability to interact with other people which allows her/him to develop team work with an sense of cooperation and coordination.
  • Physical integrity and a positive health level which favors the development of his/her professional education.

Graduated Profile

  • Graduates from the Nursing Degree will have a solid integral formation which includes scientific, technical, cultural, humanistic, ethic, and legal aspects to provide a holistic care of nursing to the healthy and un-healthy individual, with a wide vision of the social issues which allows him/her to be participant in the health team.
  • He/she will perform professionally with a reflexive and critical sense based on the perfectionism of their intellectual capacities, with a spirit of searching the knowledge, an leadership attitude, of managing and decision taking to have the commitment and responsibility in the application of his/her profession.
  • She/he will participate actively in professional organizations to improve his/her labor conditions and formation within his/her area, with a solid professional identity that enriches his/her social conscious and innovative attitude.
  • He or she will have the necessary abilities and attitude to allow them to participate in the different employment situations and aspects for their future professional performance, oriented to an institutionalized practice with a preventive, curative and rehabilitation focus.

Professional Profile

  • Graduates will be able to practice professionally in the different professional fields which open health institutions offer to the population in non-institutionalized areas, in the industry and other agencies of social assistance, such as creating emerging areas of practice and the freedom to exercise the profession.
  • They will be able to work at public or private health institutions, as well as in educational, sports, business institutions and the independent practice.

Graduation requirements
The Nursing Degree has a length of 9 semesters, plus 1 year of Social Services, having a period of minimum 7 semesters, plus one year of Social Services according to the performing of students in the plan of studies. The limit of time to finish the plan of studies, including the Social Service is of 10 years starting on the date of their first application, according to the internal regulations of the university. Students will be able to take a minimum of 30 and maximum of 90 credits each semester to complete the required total for their graduation. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure

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