Medicine Academic Program

To form Surgeon and Obstetrician doctors capacitated scientific and humanistic, who adopt an ethical behavior with the preventive and primary attention to the health profile, to preserve the biopshycosocial balance in the individuals, the community and the ecologic environment.

We create human resources in the health area capable of satisfying the needs of the society in the assistance, teaching, administration and research areas, to improve the social interaction, the technical control of problems, comprehension of the contemporary world and life quality, contributing with this to the strengthen of the sustainable development in Jalisco.

To prepare professionals in medicine capable of:

  • Knowing the basic clinic, and social background which allow them to solve the necessities and health problems and deal with them with a biopshycosocial focus.
  • Perform promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation actions appropriate and in time to meet the frequent illnesses in the individual, family and community.
  • Develop a critical attitude which allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge to the professional practice, promoting the research for quality and excellence in the performance of their duties
  • Analyze the problems that might present in the practice of their profession and solve them with a practical, legal and humanistic sense.


Application profile
The applicant for the Medicine Academic Program should have the following:

  • Attitudes (behavior and availability): initiative, responsibility, self-learning, discipline, leadership, social skills, honesty, ethic, constancy, vocation of service, like and interest for the biological phenomena, availability to work in labs and the field.
  • Aptitudes (capacities and abilities): take advantage of available resources; facility to lead, administration skills, team work and critical analysis, capacity of abstraction and synthesis, logical-mathematical thinking, reading comprehension skills, writing skills, creativity, public speech skills and manual abilities.
  • Academic background (basic sciences knowledge): all students with any high school degree by the SEP can be promoted to apply to the career of Surgeon and Obstetrician, independently of the institution where they have taken his/her medium.high education.


Graduated profile
Graduates from this career:

  • Are professionals who apply their knowledge attitude, abilities and skills to provide a high quality general medical attention, through the promotions of good health, specific protection, in time diagnosis actions, treatment, limitation of damages and rehabilitation.
  • Use their critical judgment for the attention or referral of their patients to any other areas of attention or health professionals.
  • Act respecting the ethic norms to give a human sense to their professional practice, within the cultural and economic patterns of the community where they carry their services, and act within the norms which rule their professional practice.
  • Apply the methodology with a clinic epidemiologic focus in scientific research, looking always at new knowledge for their own professional development and their colleagues, as well as for those in the process of being professionals in this area, contributing to the promotion and extension of the medical culture among the population.


Professional profile

Graduates from this career will be able to work in:

  • Educational, sports, industrial, public and private health institutions.
  • In independent practice.

Graduation requirements
This degree has a length of 10 semesters (5 years) average and it requires to complete 448 credits plus one year of Social Service to obtain the collage degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: