Master Degree in Public Health

The launch of the postgraduate program in Public Health is the answer from the Universidad de Guadalajara to the social demand in the South region of Jalisco, expressed for the institutions in the Health Sector (Sector Salud): SSJ, IMSS and ISSSTE, which gives a response to the education of professionals who perform activities such as management, coordinating, operational managers in the prevention and protection to health services which attend to the Public Health.

Applicant profile
Graduate from any professional educational programs in the area of Health or similar will be able to apply for this masters.

Application requirements

  • Having a college degree or provisional degree certificate in the area of health sciences, social sciences or similar.
  • Obtain a minimum grade of 80 (eighty) with original certificate or document which would correspond to the precedent studies.
  • Attend and pass the preliminary course or induction course.
  • Present and pass the reading comprehension in English exam.
  • Statement of purpose to take the course.
  • Present a personalized interview with the Masters Academic Coordinator.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Present and pass the knowledge aptitudes and abilities test, EXANI III. The program’s Academic Board will decide what is the proportion in this evaluation to the acceptance to the academic program.
  • Pay the corresponding fee in the selection process and complete the administrative procedures pointed by the current regulations.
  • To present to an interview with a member from the Academic Board.
  • Whatever it is pointed in the current normativity.


How to obtain the Degree

  • Having covered the requirements in the curriculum for the Masters in Public Health Science.
  • Presenting and defending
  • Presenting a non-debt certificate provided by the Coordinacion de Control Escolar in the campus.
  • Cover the corresponding tariffs.
  • Any other indications from the current normativity.

Information and application procedure

PhD. María de los Angeles Villanueva Yerenas (Masters in Public Health Coordinator)
Located in: “L” building, second floor.
Telephone number: 01(341) 57 52222, extension number 46167
E-mail address: