Master in Behavioral Science with orientation to Food and Nutrition

Master in Behavioral Science with orientation to Food and Nutrition is directed to professionals, teachers and researchers related with the evaluating, analyze, control, experimentation and teaching of topics related to the food behavior in humans and animals.

Characteristics.- It is a scholar program tutorial (each researcher could have 5 students as maximum) with orientation to research, meaning, it is a full-time program (8 hrs every day and depending on the line of research, even on Saturdays and Sundays).

During the last past years there have been important changes on the food behavior in human beings as a result of the interaction with economic, cultural and emotional factors, these variables have created two problems that demand multidisciplinary attention: overweight or obesity and Eating Disorders (ED). Considering the changes which have presented in the eating behavior and the effects that these have had on health, it makes it important to create human resources who provide knowledge about this issue.
Specially, the experimental analysis of eating behavior at different species have proven to be an approximation which can contribute substantially because it has been taken into consideration physiological, nutritional, anthropological and behavioral factors.

General Objective
To form researchers, teachers and professionals with excellency in the varied areas of research in the eating behavioral sciences.

Specific objective
To analyze the knowledge about different scientific perspectives that study eating behavior.

To develop experimental and non-experimental designs according to the methodological basis of the eating behavior research.

To have skills in the managing of statistical tools for the analysis of data resulting from the research on the eating behavior.

Support in the making of human resources with a high level to develop activities such as teaching, researching, and promotion of the biological and social sciences.

Academic personnel: 9 full-time professors, 7 with a PhD degree and 2 with a Masters degree. 6 members of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI).

Information and Application procedure:

PhD. Antonio López Espinoza (Masters’ Academic Coordinator).

Eating Behavior and Nutrition Investigation Center (Centro de Investigaciones en Comportamiento Alimentario y Nutrición, CICAN) CUSur, Universidad de Guadalajara.
Telephone number: 01 341 575 22 22, extension number: 46123