Law Academic Program


The academic program of Law creates men and women with quality, competent and engaged to the integral development, justice and sustainability. We make solutions to the legal problematic through research and professional formation, also we rescue, preserve and give credit to the culture of legality in all aspects of private and public social life.


The academic program of Law is recognized to a national level for its quality, for the compromise and competivity of its students, graduates and academic personnel, its researches give wide solutions to the legal problematic. The program works in pro of its academic life and it is characterized by the compromise with the justice, legality, responsibility, honesty and transparency, aspects which Mexican society demands every day.


To form professionals with gene

ral legal knowledge, socially compromised and highly capable, helpful for their community. Legal education given will be complete, correct and up-to-date, so that lawyers who graduate will be familiarized with the necessities of the society.

Applicant profile.
In order to apply for the degree in Law, it is important to consider the following abilities, aptitudes and skills, attitude and knowledge.

  • Analysis skills.
  • Reading, writing and oral expression skills.
  • Capacities to relate abstract thinking into concrete situations, with the purpose of guarantee the interpretation and legal practice.
  • Critical and self-critical skills
  • Availability to listen and understand personal problems and capacity of social problems analysis.

Graduated profile
Graduates from the Law degree will possess an integral academic formation, professional ethic in the professional practice. According to their oriented education, the graduate will be able to:

  • Research in the legal field.
  • Provide a legal certification
  • Legislate, litigate
  • Provide legal advice.
  • Promote and apply justice.
  • Promote the learning of legal competences.

Professional profile
He/she will be able to work in:

  • Public administration.
  • Application and conservation of Justice
  • Private companies.
  • Criminal, civil, employment, administration and agricultural litigation

Graduation requirements
The curricula is planned to cover 9 semesters and complete 462 minimum credits, equal to approximately 52 credits each semester, plus the corresponding Social Service. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: