Journalism Degree

We are an educational program who forms professional journalists with human quality, wide knowledge and critical sense in the South region of Jalisco and of Mexico which, within the global environment, contribute to the resolution of problems.

The educational program of Journalism counts with the recognition of national and international organisms thanks to its high professional level, the quality of its students and the excellency of the academic personnel. Graduates are incorporated successfully to the labor world trained in the application of information technologies, which network impacts possitivelly in the development of the region.


  • To form professionals engaged with the expectations of a demanding society, based always in their work on the truth, the critical and centered judgment, doing a realistic and proficient proposal of a professional who performs journalism with a lively sense and efficient in the personal and social ethics. Yo integrate a proper environment for the development of the students in a sense of responsibility, analytical, reflective and research capacity.
  • To promote within the students the development and increase of their qualities and journalistic abilities, their oral and written expression, cultural and reactive activities in a very competitive context.

Graduated profile
The applicant should have:

  • Reading habits.
  • High social skills.
  • Interest for the intellectual critical and research work.
  • Basic computer background.

Graduated profile

  • Professionals in journalism are perceived as the specialist who knows the processes of human communication and he use of massive means of communication in the informational area.
  • Their professional education allows them to inform the news objectively, so she/he will have a global vision of the problems that poverty generates, the concentration of wealth and other factors that determine the geopolitical influences in the region, the country and the world.
  • She/he will be able to distinguish  the varied journalistic theories  that define the news labor in the radio, television, printed press and all those spaces that demand the presence of journalists like the analysis of problems that institutional communication presents, meaning, planning and applying communicational strategies.
  • He/she will possess special facility to perceive opportunities which allow them to create self-employment and the linkage with others whom thei can create a complementary synergy.
  • He/she will perform with ethic and responsibility in the practice of their professional functions.


Professional profile
Meet a social demand on places like newspapers, magazines, television and radio companies which seek to provide information about specific facts, future and up to date, that attract general interest.


Graduation requirements
This career has a length of 4 years (8 semesters), the application is every semester and it is required to complete 359 credits along with the Social Service in order to obtain the college degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: