International Business Academic Program


To form professionals capable of identify the regional, national and international requirements, which allow them to optimize the international market of goods and services, developing competitive conditions in the economic sectors, assisting to the more urgent needs in the country in a social and natural environmental matter, promoting the commercial image in Mexico to the global markets.



The educational program of the International business Degree is recognized to a national and international level because of its quality. Its students, graduates and academic personnel, through teaching research and extension, provide solutions to the problematic in production and commercialization through the search in the global markets. The educational program functions in pro of an intense academic life and it’s characterized for the social commitment, responsibility, honesty and transparency with which their substantive functions are carried.

To form professionals who are capable of identifying regional and national requirements as well as people from companies, to optimize the international commerce of goods and services, developing competent conditions in the industry, meeting the more urgent needs in the country in a social and natural environmental matter, and promoting the marketing image of Mexico to the international markets. To form professionals capable of produce scientific and technological knowledge in the area of international business and that these functions are turned into services for the society, which make possible the help to solve their problems and satisfy their needs in the different scenarios, areas, situations and sectors that the society is part of.

Application profile
Interests: to possess technical and methodological knowledge, economic phenomena, accounting, financial and administrative background, as well as laws, norms and prodecures which rule the interchange relations, taste for the interview and people skills, and to promote projects for the social well-being.
Aptitudes: verbal reasoning, fluent and exact response to situations that are typical of the office work, language dominion, ingenuity and attention capacity.
Attitudes: participative, of service, emotional stability, willingness to potentially develop the industrial offers and exportation.

Graduated profile
Graduate will be able to observe, analyze, interpret and explain the national and international interchange of goods and services relations, as well as to interpret the applications in the organizations of the components in the national and international macro environment, so that the planning tools proposes alternatives of action which allow to face and improve international competitiveness.

  • Use correctly the knowledge in economic, administrative, accountable, social and legal sciences to deal with the issues in commerce and international business for its intervention and research.
  • He/she will be a professional in the business management, through an operational and conceptual strengthen, capable to interpret and predict within their acting area. Applying strategies and positive tactics for the development of public and private companies.
  • She/he will possess a sense of honesty, respect to human dignity, appreciation of the cultural, historical and social values in the country; an entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, quality culture, respect for the natural environment and vocation and compromise with the society.


Professional profile
The functions of a graduate in International business will depend on the work field he/she decided:

  • Owner of his/her own company
  • Advisor in commerce operations
  • Executive in the international sales department in the medium-sized or large companies.
  • Take management positions in small companies involved in the international commerce.

Graduation requirements
This career has a length of 8 semesters (4 years) average; it is required to complete 414 credits, and the corresponding Social Service, in order to obtain the college degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure
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