Hispanic Literature Studies


To form man and women with quality, competent, engaged to the cultural and literature studies development in Latin America, Mexico and the South of Jalisco. To give solutions for the regional issues through research and professional development; to rescue and preserve the literature and cultural identity in the South of Jalisco, for the construction of a more human and equitable.



It’s a program certified by an accreditation body, it is recognized to a national and international level for the quality of its students, graduates, academic, personnel and researches which provide solutions to the cultural issues in the region. It makes students part of analysis tasks and theoretical-practical problem solution related with writing and reading so that it maximizes their potential. It is characterized for the integral achievement of a social, cultural, artistic and literature compromise for the making of a more human world: tolerant, plural and equitable.


To promote the integration of the different knowledge and capacities related to the up to date professional duties of the specialist in the area of language and literature; also, to favor –through different learning means, corresponding to related areas as well as new application areas in the graduates’ necessities in the Hispanic literature’s area- the identification and deep analysis by the pupils in the areas of knowledge and learning which are of their special interest, above all in the cutting area with the other social sciences, promoting with it the interdisciplinary approaching to the study matter in its varied manifestations and necessities.

Application Profile

The profile for the applicant of Hispanic Literature degree should include:

  • Reading habits
  • Ability for writing
  • Availability for linguistic and literature research.
  • Capacity of analysis and reflexion about the phenomena referring to the language and literature.
  • Preference to the phenomena related to the social communication.
  • Interest for transmitting the knowledge they have acquired.
  • Appreciation to understand the literary phenomenon.

Graduated profile

The graduate in Hispanic Literature is characterized by his/her:


  • Deep knowledge of the Spanish language in its functions and structures considered synchronic and diachronically, with a special emphasis in its Mexican variables (descriptive and prescriptive knowledge).
  • Scientific knowledge in the Spanish language and its literary manifestations, with special emphasis in its Latin-American and Mexican variables.
  • Intellectual background of theoretica-methodological tools to carry linguistic, literary researches.

Professional profile

The professional practice areas that are contemplated for the graduate in Hispanic literature nowadays are:

  • Teaching language and literature in different levels, with special consideration in medium, medium-high and high education.
  • Research in the area of language and literature in Spanish.
  • Informative and opinion journalism in its different aspects; cultural promotion journalism.
  • Editing of literary texts, writing and editorial amendment.
  • Advisory in academic papers, value of literary papers.
  • Individual writing literary texts; scripting.
  • Cultural research in interdisciplinary terms, providing knowledge as language and Latin American literature specialist.


Graduation requirements

This career has a length of 5 years (10 semesters) average, tha application is every year and it is required to complete 442 credits, plus corresponding Social Service, in order to receive the college degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)


Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: www.escolar.udg.mx