Agro Biotechnology

Form high quality professionals with a great ethical sense and social responsibility, committed to promote the development of food agriculture of the region and of the country by obtaining and developing the products and agro biotechnology systems that provide practical solutions to the current surrounding farming problems.

It’s a top leading and influential program in the development of food sector in a regional, national and international level. The students and graduates of this program promote the development and contribute to the foresight, planning and solving of the agricultural problematic and necessities.

The objectives of the educational program are to form innovative and highly qualified professionals with knowledge in the biotechnology field management to enforce the professional practice and respond to the current and future demand in the food development sector, to prepare ethical and capable professionals that are able to become real elements of transition that trigger the local, regional, national and international economy.

  1. Promote the development of new agricultural professionals with a high sense of belonging.
  2. Impulse the agriculture and livestock production according to the international standards of selective production in a massive form, developed from the technological environment of genetic manipulation and controlled systems of agricultural production.
  3. Promote the livestock vision in a biotechnological way.
  4. Develop new academic technological training fields in the southeast region of Jalisco with high quality standards.
  5. Offer an educational program that allows the graduate to enter the productive branch of higher calling in the region, with a high formative specificity.
  6. Promote systems and commercialization of new livestock products in a national and international level throughout the professional spaces.
  7. Enable the creation of a geographical polo production of vegetables in the southeast region of Jalisco, promoting work and future livestock community.

Admission profile
The candidate to the Bachelor’s degree in Bio-technology must have:

  • Interests. In the sciences and areas related with the field and organization, administrative techniques, services to the society and project promotion.
  • Aptitudes. Attention, observation, concentration, retention, discrimination, systematization and adaptability, information management towards the cause-effect, exactitude and quickness, to master the language, comprehension and constructive imagination and sociability.
  • Attitudes. Joy for work in open spaces.

Graduate profile
Graduate students from Agro- biotechnology in Centro Universitario del Sur are going to be professionals involved in the improvement of life quality and regional-socioeconomic development; immersed in ethical, humanistic, scientific spirit.  Students will be able to carry out actions oriented to foresights, planning and solution of problems in the agro alimentary area; from production, profitability and sustainability.  The objective is taking care of diet, protection and well-being of society.

Work Field Graduates from our program will obtain the necessary skills to develop professionally on public and private organizations which are dedicated to agri-food industry on research, innovation and managing, technical help. As well as in acquiring and sharing scientific and biotechnological knowledge.

To mention some:

  1. Conducting Feasibility diagnostics.
  2. Human and animal´s well-being promotion.
  3. Production and transformation of by-products of plant and animal origin.
  4. Administration of agricultural enterprises and agricultural related.
  5. Pests and diseases control and prevention.
  6. Investigation
  7. Generic improvement.
  8. Administration of forage resources.
  9. Food and nutrition
  10. The design of buildings and ago-industrial structures.
  11. Public, agricultural and sanitary administration.
  12. Rural development
  13. Environmental protection.
  14. Governmental field.
  15. Teaching
  16. Emerging activities oriented to the highly technified production on an intimate observance of the phytosanitary regulations on the quality control of plant origin products and by-products.
  17. Non-traditional and/or alternative crops production.

Career length
Duration of studies on Agro-biotechnology degree lasts 8 semesters (4 years) approximately, and it is required to complete a minimum of 428 credits to obtain the degree, besides of the corresponding social service.

Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: