Agribusiness Academic Program

A program of superior education from the Centro Universitario del Sur, in which forms professionals who promote, in the primary productive sector, the adoption of a business culture based on the technological innovation, oriented to cover the demands of the local, regional, national and international market through the participative, integral, sustainable and self-managed development which implies the organization, transformation and commercialization of the resources to the insides of the processes of production, with quality, professionalism and respect of the cultural diversity.

The Agribusiness degree is consolidated, not only regionally but also to a national and international level. Graduates from this degree apply the acquired knowledge and learn through experience. Promote and create conscious as agents of changes to the different actors (productive, private and public institutions, civil society and non-government organizations) involved about the necessity to create the sustainable development in the primary sector through innovative means of production, transformation and its commercialization.

Lead to the formation of  individuals with the knowledge, abilities, skills and values necessary to integrate and transform the group of resources (human, material and financial) and processes (technological, IT, administrative and organizational) which make possible to give added value goods and services coming from the sustainable use of the nature for the consumers satisfaction.

Applicant profile
Applicants to the Agribusiness degree should have:

  • Academic and cultural preparation at a high school level, preferentially in the agricultural and economic-administrative area.
  • Abstract reasoning, numeric, space and verbal capacity, as well as physical and mental abilities and skills for the intellectual work and on the field.
  • Reading habits, analyzing and writing documents
  • Control in the use of technologic tool (computers, internet, video and others).
  • Appreciation for the socio-economic problems related with the agricultural, forestry and aquaculture production, as well as the conservation of the natural resources and the rural areas.
  • Availability to team-work, willingness to learn and promote new ways of doing things, respect to the human values and habits of discipline and consistence, communication ability.
  • Vocation, own initiative, high sense of organization and adaptability to different social means, interest on the social improvement and outdoor activities.


Graduated profile
Graduates from this degree will be able to:

  • Organize groups of producers, companies and societies to produce, to transform and to market their products.
  • Identify and develop the business opportunities, meeting the demands at local, regional and international levels.
  • Meet and apply the legislation and normativity related to the agribusinesses. Promote public policies for their planning.
  • Use and take advantages of the technological innovations to optimize the processes involved in the agribusinesses.
  • Direct, administrate and control the production, transformation and marketing resources and processes in an agribusiness.

Professional profile
Graduates from this degree will be able to work advising and managing in:

  • Organizations of producers.
  • Businesses for the creation of own enterprises.
  • Public organisms in the agriculture area.
  • Development banks.
  • Rural financials
  • Council-economic promotion and development
  • Financial cooperatives.
  • Constitution advisory and activities in law firms in the area.
  • Marketing and exportation of agriculture products.

Graduation requirements
The Agribusiness Degree has a length of 9 semesters (4 years and a half) average, and it is required to complete a minimum of 346 credits to obtain the college degree, and the social service as that corresponds. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure
Visit the Control Escolar’s website: