About Centro Universitario del Sur

CUSur is committed to rural and regional development in Mexico through teaching, learning and research. CUSur faculty are engaged with teaching and research to get students involved into social, economic and environmental challenges.  For students and faculty who are willing to learn and live authentic Mexican culture, CUSur offers diverse educational experiences and opportunities in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a range of academic areas.  CUSur is organized in five academic departments: Health, Culture, Socioeconomic Studies, Science and Methodology Studies and Rural Development.

Universidad de Guadalajara is the second biggest University in México, CUSur campus was established in 1994 as the south campus of University of Guadalajara, in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco. CUSur has an enrollment of over 6000 students in campus.



Dr. Ricardo X. García Cauzor


(2016 - 2019)