Student Administration

The CUSur Student Administration is in charge of the right administration of scholar information accordingly the university regulations, specifically to the Organic Statute of the campus as well as the rules related with the processes of this coordination. It is responsible for the admission process, promotion, graduation and students control and assistance.

Being an administration known at Institutional and social level by its innovation development, support and clarity in the offered services. Being aware of the environmental impact and exceeding the expectations of our users.

Admission process
The steps that an applicant must complete to guarantee the participation in the admission process to the Universidad de Guadalajara. The 5 steps that every applicant must follow:

  • Register online
  • Pay for the registration payment
  • Pick up the applicant form
  • Take the admission exam
  • Deliver the documentation

The Universidad de Guadalajara through its campuses (Centros Universitarios) carries out a thorough selection process and the omission of any of the steps or the unfulfillment with time or form will result in the exclusion of the application process.

First, be informed about all of the characteristics of the program or career of your interest: score of the las person that was admitted, admission and graduation profile, work field, etc. This will allow you to choose your career in an according to your skills and coherent way. 

The Centro Universitario del Sur, offers 32 programs:

  • 1 nurse thecnisian level
  • 6 part time nurcing programs
  • 3 engineering programs
  • 14 bachelor degree programs
  • 6 master programs
  • 2 doctorate programs

You can check the career information on the next link:

Next check the dates for the admission process (steps 1 threw 5) according to the admission calendar:

  • To begin classes in January: from August to December (A calendar)
  • To begin classes in August: from February to July (B calendar)

Puedes consultar el calendario actual en: Calendario 2018-B

Step 1. - Online registration
From 01 to 28 February 2018, register online on the next link:
Read carefully the steps to follow.

Step 2. - Make the payment
Once registered download and print the formats, enter to “Continue with the process” in:
* Notice: In the same link you can change the career within the registration period.

Step 3. - Pick up the application format (Picture taken at the office)
After the payment enter again to “Continue with the process” in: to find out the day of your appointment to get your photograph taken and your application form.
In this appointment present: your appointment receipt, a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your ID.

Step 4. - Admission exam
Take the exam the designated date and time present your application form (Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 7:30 a.m.). Remember the room and the gate you need to be.

Step 5.- Present documents.
Check the period to turn in the documentation, with the next notes:

“Carrera Técnica de Enfermería” Nursing technician.
All applicants most present:

  • Secondary certificate with average grade.
  • Birth certificate true copy.



Bachelor degree

  1. UDG high school graduates (form January 1996 to date) don´t need to present documents, if you entered your UDG code on the registration form.
  2. Graduates form other schools and incorporated to UDG.
  • High school certificate with average grade.
  • Birth certificate true copy.



Postgraduate programs

  • University certificate with average grade.
  • Birth certificate true copy.
  • Graduation certificate or previous degree.
  • Any other indicated for each program



Foreign Students

Beside the presented documents according to your program of choice, high school and secondary certificates must be legalized by the Mexican Consulate from the country of origin and they must be revalidated in the “Delegaciones Regionales de Servicios Educativos (DERSE) and also present the translation.




They will be published the date an time established in the CUSur web page (Monday, July 23, 2018), check the admission results in, on the newspaper “Gaceta Universitaria” or in students administration building Z ground level next to “Admission”. Questions and problems referring to registration, payment, and appointments you can call to 01 (341) 575 2222 Ext. 45944.