Scholarships and exchange programs

  • Announcement and result of the different calls to the University.
  • Check and receive documents and files.
  • Administrate, coordinate and follow up scholarship and grant programs from the university and public institutions.
  • Announce, operate and follow up the “CGCi” programs and different institutions (private and public, national and international) for students and teachers that want to participate in the exchange program.
  • Operate and follow up the “Programa de Desarrollo Profesional Docente” (PRODED) from the federal government.
  • Provide the required information of the different areas of the campus to Educational Programs accreditation.

Scholarships for Students

Our first objective is to provide support, management and information, to the different economical and exchange programs before the pertinent organization, for the benefit of the students and staff of CUSUR.

With the objective of promoting the access and term of the career and reinforce teaching processes and comprehensive education.

See exchange programs information.