In this era of constant changes and a globalized world, the competence in all levels is increased in the context of all organizations. Within this context, it is necessary to recognize successful experiences in the field of administrative thinking which create competitive advantages. The analysis, comprehension and explanation of the new worldwide reality, urge the economic entities to adventure into new actions in order to bring the knowledge to the different sectors that are involved in the use of resources, the taking of decisions and the managing of organizations worldwide in a sustainability frame. Administration is the key for the business competivity, specially for a Mexican economy immerse in the globalization taken from the signing of international free trade agreements

This is why it is vital to provide with a graduate program which meets new development  strategies, objective which is intended to reach with the Masters on Business administration, that started functioning since June 27, 2006 and which is the result of the improvement of the Masters in Administration, which was in progress since 1982 until the creations of this new study program.

General objective
To provide students with the opportunity of carrying their studies and practices in development of systems in information, network and telecommunications, through exercise, simulations and optional professional internships in companies. This will allow them to solve real problems with more frequency in the area of technologies of information.
When this masters is finished, the student will be able to use theoretical-practical information to perform in this area.

Application profile
Applicants to the Masters on Business administration should possess characteristics that complement the profile for compromised students with the high educational performance and who satisfy the following general characteristics.

  • Conviction about the necessity and importance of high educational performance on their preparation and personal and professional development.
  • Clear idea of the academic and professional objectives he or she is searching.
  • Open to the use of computer technology and innovation as tools which can improve learning and teaching of social sciences.
  • Skills to handle amounts and solve quantifiable problems.
  • Capacity to understand the relation between facts and finding the causes that originated them, prevent consequences and thanks to that solve problems in a coherently manner.
  • Knowledge of the problems related to the organizations and the learning of the economic, administrative sciences in the business area, and interest in the search of more suitable solutions.
  • Facility to produce number operations and being able to estimate quantities as well as the reading of these in countable aspects.
  • Availability to participate, organize and manage study and team groups.
  • Express an institutional commitment about the willingness of finishing his / her preparation and graduate in the time pointed in the current university requirements.

Graduated Profile
When the study plan is finished, graduates from this program will possess a set of capacities, knowledge and abilities which will manifest on their professional development.
About this, here is a list describing the more important aspects to determine a graduate’s profile:

  • Up-to-date and current knowledge of the administrative sciences and the use of new technologies and applied systems of information
  • Skills on designing, developing and application of innovative alternatives in the organizations.
  • Ability to link theories with the structure and scientific methodology in problem solving.
  • Attitude of service and constant search of the continuous improvement that keeps them up-to-dated in the managing of an enterprise and organizations to a worldwide level.
  • Engagement to the sustainable development as a reference in teaching of the administrative sciences and areas alike.
  • Aptitude to value the social role in which he or she is as a graduate form a public University, engaged with the society in general.

Graduation requirements
The program of the Masters on Business Administration should be covered in a period of four semesters (school terms), and the graduates will have one more year to finish their work and obtaining their degree.

Information and Application procedure

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