Master in Social Territory Studies


The objective of the Master in Socioterritorial Studies, is to generate experts with a solid scientific education, which supports research, teaching, studying, alternative research and promotion of the regional sustainable development, attempting to support and strengthen of the society and the local, regional, state, national actors.

Specific objectives:

  1. To generate researches that approach, in an integral and multidisciplinary way, the diagnostic and the development potential of the productive capability of the social, regional and international nucleus,
  2. To prepare experts in the plan and develop of projects, bases on group participation and organization that allow support and manage the regional and local development, based in the knowledge economic and social, national and international phenomenon.

Admission profile:

The candidate might have previous education in the social analysis linked with local and global phenomenon, demonstrating in the theoretical, conceptual and methodological team, of the social sciences and administrative, or related areas. He might show evidences in the interest in problems and regional situations, and abstraction ability, critical reflection and research interest, also a wide domain of literacy, analysis and synthesis in oral and writing expression. Finally, it will be required a pre project of research according to the Master’s general rules of teaching and researching.

Graduates´ profile:

It is pretended that at the end of the program, the student will have an integrative view and criticism in the process of development, state and national, in special, in a regional ambit and his actor in the national economy. The graduated will be able to identify the problems presented in his context, the connection with the casual, national, international and transnational factors, with the objective to offer solutions. He will be able to assess the casual and potential use of the natural resources, economic-human and technological. He will be able to formulate, evaluate and instrument productive useful project, with the objective for the goals become true proposed in the communities. He will be able to guide and give theoretical, technical, management training and leadership. He will respect and promote the costumes, values and traditions in different territorial areas. 

Linking with other sectors:

The Territorial and Rural Center of Research, as well as the Master in Socioterritorial Studies, have being working in a pattern to generate strategies of sustainable production to the “Buen Vivir” del Sur de Jalisco, this pattern includes Agro-ecology, Fair commerce and popular education for the sustainability. In the following lines the project will be described, likewise the future activities to be done and the sector linked.

Program length:

The master lasts 4 school cycles (semeswter), which will start since the inscription.


Mtra. Y. Lizbeth Sevilla García
Coordinator of the Master in Territorial Studies.
Building “P”, second floor.
Phone number: 01 (341) 575 22 22, extension 46007