Leveling of Degree in Nursing


To educate nursing professionals in a non-conventional and innovative environment; nurses who are responsible, honest and humanistic, able to improve the quality on health services and the services that the degree on nursing provides to society.


The leveling on Nursing Degree Program in 2020 will be a graded quality program, with a national and international recognition that counts with a plan of continuing improvements on academic and administrative processes, and it will offer professionals on Nursing of excellence to the society.


  • To create competitive human resources, with methodological, conceptual and practical formation who respond to the requirements for the mission and vision from the Centro Universitario del Sur, which is now immerse in the demanding social context.
  • To stablish plans and programs changes according to education tendencies, in order to provide a response to the requirements in the professional market. Recovering, with this, the scientific and technological advances based on the requests in health by society; local, national and international, through the focus on integral competences in the nursing field.
  • To provide a cognitive, practical and with human values development, which allow people to solve problems with discipline and competent on the different stages in their preparation process. When he enters in the working market, he will be able to analyze and influence his social and historical environment and to build theories, methods and techniques that improve their transformation through a process of interpretation and relation; inter and multi-disciplinary.
  • To elaborate the career’s study program based on an integrated competencies approach in order to educate professionals who are able to take action in finding solutions to social issues in varied aspects such as regional, national and international within their professional area.

Admission profile

  • Physical integrity and an optimum level of health that favors the development of their professional training
  • Good readiness for the study and availability to cover the credits
  • Have emotional balance and coping skills
  • High sense of responsibility

Entry requirements

  • Birth certificate (original and recent)
  • Original, recent birth certificate
  • Original high school certificate (if not from the state of Jalisco, must be legalized).
  • Photocopy of Nursing Title and professional certificate.
  • Resume
  • Attend and approve the propaedeutic course.

Graduate’s profile

The graduate of the educational program of Academic Leveling of the Degree in Nursing will be able to:

  • Plan and implement strategies to raise the quality of health care.
  • Conduct research project.
  • Design and develop educational programs.
  • Apply normativity and ethics in the nursing profession.
  • Manage health institutions.
  • Use new technologies in their work environment.

Work field

  • Health sector institutions
  • Private area
  • Educational institutions

Major`s length

The duration of the educational program is two years: a year of theoretical phase and a year of social service with ascription to a research project.