Laboratory of Human Behavior

Food preparation area
Composed of a kitchen, the food required for the experiments are prepared under strict hygienic

Information and recording area
It has a special team of video-recording of the experimental sessions and specialized hardware for data analysis

Special area for participants in the experiments. It consists of tables and chairs and has capacity for up to eight people

Food Processing Laboratory
Additionally, it has this laboratory which includes a dining room. This laboratory is ready to be equipped with special cameras video-recording-
Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology
It aims to analyze the process of chronic degenerative diseases in humans. Especially those related to poor nutrition as gastric cancer and obesity.

Animal Shelter
The area animal shelter has a capacity for 100 experimental subjects. It is intended to maintain suitable habitat for animals used in different investigations. Also has special equipment for surgery of laboratory animals. The management and operation of this area backup is performed by social service career Veterinarian.