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Dr. Antonio López Espinoza
Director of CICAN
Phone: 01 (341) 57 52222, extension 46123



Dear visitors of our site:

In these pages you will find the work of a multidisciplinary research team dedicated to feeding behavior and nutrition. Each of us involved in the CICAN, we are committed to research, dissemination and linking science.

However, this work is essentially linked with a deep interest in understanding the particular mechanisms of each of the phenomena involved in food and of course for our fans to enjoy, learn and explore each of the ingredients, flavors, preparations, textures that integrate the different dishes that the world offers us. We perceive the world cuisine a vast laboratory in which we participate willingly in the task of questioning, analyzing, discovering the food phenomenon, but above all to taste the food, main ingredient of our work. Therefore we invite all students, professionals, teachers, researchers and the general public on the issue of food to meet our research.

I appreciate your visit and as long as they have ...