Art House (Casa del Arte)

The Centro Universitario del Sur possess the “CASA DEL ARTE”, a building which in past years it held the orphanage “Divina Infantita”; Government offices and the University of Guadalajara’s High School. During the time from 1985 to 1996, the building remained closed because of the unstable conditions it was left after the earthquake in 1985. It was until 1996 that the Universidad de Guadalajara begun with the restoration of the house, being inaugurated on February 19th, 1997, as CASA DEL ARTE, dependent of the Centro Universitario del Sur.

In the 2001, the well-known master painter Antonio Ramirez, using al fresco technique, painted the mural “Sueño y pesadilla del poder”, which central theme is to show the essential and universal features of Power. It represents an army of men who carry television screens as heads, which invades and leaves behind it a landscape full of mutilated people. As a counterpoint in the theme, there is the reluctance of the society to turn into a inert matter or that only serves to the necessities of the people who owns money. The people play, dream still and even though the troubles and under threat, organize.

In 2006, the building was given the name of the Master Emeritus from the Universidad de Guadalajara, Dr. Vicente Preciado Zacarias, famous zapotlense and renowned dental surgeon who founded the Clinical Endodontics Department in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Universidad de Guadalajara, besides being a remarkable literate who has given an emphasis to the literature in the South of Jalisco, and Mexico.