Sustainable Tourism Development Academic Program


The mission of this Academic Program is to form professionals with universal humanistic values, with technical abilities and one focus of discipline oriented to the sustainable development and the research. Graduates will be able to achieve a full and complete adaptation to the social, cultural, professional and economic context of their environment and the world in tourism. These professionals will develop and maximize their abilities in a multi and interdisciplinary framework, with the purpose of raising in them a pioneer attitude and thinking, abilities for the situational analysis, which allow them the correct decision making from an operative and managerial point of view based on the philosophy in service quality.


The Sustainable Tourism Development Degree is a program leader in the formation of professionals in the area of North-Occidental region of Mexico. It has agreements with different institutions of regional, national and international matter. Within their Social Service, students support communities and municipal councils in the area to maximize the resources, natural and cultural, and to apply and promote businesses and initiatives of sustainable tourism. Its graduates are professionals who have the integral formation and the academic program develops in them the abilities of dominate a second language, leadership in the recreational outdoors activities, the integration of touristic research with a focus on sustainable tourism and the use of information technologies. They are healthy people, who promote the cultural and athletic participation and the communitarian development. They are committed to the environmental care and with activities that promote and teach about its care and preservation.


The general objective of the Sustainable Tourism Development Degree program is to form capable graduates, trained to manage touristic projects and products diversified and sustainable through social action, the protection of the natural and cultural resources and the creation of profitable industries.


Applicant profile
What the regent legislation of application to the Educational Programs of the Universidad de Guadalajara, also it is expected for them to have the next abilities:

  • Leadership capacities.
  • Taste for serving and interact with others.
  • Show a special interest for knowing new cultures and places.
  • Have the capacity to communicate, written and verbally.
  • Have the ability of negotiation and solution of conflicts.
  • Capacity of observation, analysis and team work.
  • Show aptitude to the systematic focus and to perceive overviews.
  • Maintain an creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Availability to research and meet new technologies.
  • Interest for the conservation of the environment and the regional development.
  • Creative and innovative.
  • A social commitment attitude, respect for life and the cultural diversity.
  • Availability for team work and group management.

Graduated Profile

Graduates from the Sustainable Tourism Development Program will be a professional who will give a response to the demands of recreation and leisure to national and international tourists, they will have as a guide the natural and cultural values of the society. To be able to generate, develop and conduct tourism and entertainment companies and institutions, with a service attitude, commitment and help to their social environment. Also, to develop and manage novel touristic products and of high impact for the community:

  • Promote the sustainable development and the touristic culture.
  • Formed professionally in the planning and marketing of touristic destinations.
  • Possesses the tools and knowledge for researching and solving problems in the touristic sector.
  • Educated to design, create, perform and/or advice in the administration of touristic service organisms and industries.
  • High commitment with the conservation of natural, cultural resources and the protection of the environment.
  • Professionals with the theoretical methodologies, and  technical elements which allow them to perform with efficiency in the administration, direction and planning; in companies, organizations and institutions dedicated to promote and provide touristic services, as well as in public organisms for the touristic management with the capacity to propose alternatives that improve the regional and local touristic activities, as well as the life quality, with respect to the conservation of the natural, historical, cultural and national identity resources; Acquiring a pre-specialty in planning and touristic development, alternative tourism and health or hotel trading.


Professional profile

  • Graduate from the Sustainable Tourism Development Degree performs professionally making touristic planning, management planning, designing  touristic projects, organizing of sustainable touristic companies, designing of tourist packages, tours or guides. These propositions come from an evaluation about the potential and market studies. In the projects that the professional proposes; there will be the capacity of analyzing the feasibility, design marketing plans and strategies to be integrated in the community.
  • Graduate from this career can be incorporated to different employment areas: create a structure of his/her own company, be part of the government sector, in touristic industries, advisory agencies, travel agencies, non-government agencies, recreational centers, health areas, boards, foundations, cooperatives, the educational sector, recreational centers, health areas, parks and reserves, performing in planning areas, administration, design, operation, management, promotion, advisory, training of touristic projects and programs such as: establishment and management of their own company, in the government sector, as a guide in the recreational spaces, travel agencies, non-government organisms, interdisciplinary teams for the creation of sustainable alternative tourism projects, plans of management of natural areas and community development projects, etc.


Graduation requirements

This career is made in 3 years and a half (7.5 semesters) average, and it is required to complete 342 credits required and the corresponding Social Service to graduate. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Applicant paperwork

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