Laboral Safety, Civil Protection and Emergencies Academic Program


To form professionals highly committed and competent to promote health self-care, prevent risks in the Laboral Safety field, civil protection and emergencies, as well as to create and apply new knowledge in their competence context using the actual technological resources and the universal humanistic values which help to the growth and sustainability.


The Degree on Laboral Safety, Civil Protection and Emergencies (SELPCE) is an educational program, innovative and leader in the training of professionals in this area in Mexico and Latin America. Through the linking with public, private and social sectors, professionals in training contribute to improve life quality and regional development in the communities, promoting and developing strategies and actions related to their professional field.

Graduates possess an integral formation in the development of their capacities and competence to perform with leadership the professional activities, the integration to the research processes in the areas of their professional fields, management of the technologies of information and they are committed to the care of the environment and sustainable development.



To train professionals capable of performing in the different professional areas in Laboral Safety, civil protection and emergencies, able to promote health self-care, prevent risks in the labor safety, civil protection and emergencies fields through the development of professional integral competencies, as well as to create and apply new knowledge, supporting organizations and institutions from the different sectors, in the processing of integral management of quality, the environment, health, Laboral Safety and civil protection to increase productivity and sustainability.

Application profile
To apply for the degree of Employment Safety, Civil Protection and Emergencies it is necessary to cover the 100% credits from high school, present during the application time the academic aptitude test, as well as the requirements that the regent legislation in the Universidad de Guadalajara has.

  • Self-care attitude
  • Honesty
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-learning
  • Discipline
  • Facility to team work
  • Knowledge
  • High School
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Abilities and aptitude
  • Driving vehicles
  • Driving license
  • Swimming: float, dive, crawl style.


Graduated profile

  • Carries his/her profession in an integral manner that includes scientific, technical, ethic, legal, cultural and humanitarian aspects for the prevention of risks and integral assistance in emergencies on the public and private, industrial, institutional and domestic contexts.
  • Performs his/her profession with a humanistic attitude and learning conscious and continuing leadership improvement, provides information for the analysis and making of decisions and participates in teamwork with commitment and responsibility.
  • Impulses, integrates and participates in professional organizations for the improvement in the performance of his/her employment conditions, and impulses initiatives to decrease risks to the population and the sustainable development.
  •  Possesses the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to live and work with health and safety, which allow him/her to promote them in the society as a public server, on civil protection, in the health sector and industrial productive organizations and of services, with an integral vision that takes in consideration the sociocultural context, for the efficient free exercise of the profession as advisor, consultant, trainer provider of services and other emerging practices, prevent, recognize, evaluate and control risks factors. Also for the case, through research, intervene correctly in the different situations of emergencies disaster, to contribute in the decreasing of the emergencies and their effects with an integral vision that the sociocultural context considers.
  • Possesses the average knowledge and communication skills, group techniques and proficiency in English as a second language.
  • He/she performs with a wide vision of the social issues that includes the participation of the people affected.
  • Attitude for the searching of information, developing and managing of projects and resources administration.
  • Provides information to impulse employment public policies and in organizations to reduce risks and the sustainable development.


Professional profile

Graduates will work according to the regent regulations in this matter at the following employment fields:

  • Public and private institutions in the area of Laboral Safety, civil protection and emergencies.
  • Organizations in the area of Laboral Safety, civil protection and emergencies.
  • Companies in the area of Laboral Safety, civil protection and emergencies.
  • Institutions of education in teaching, research, linking and extension of the of Laboral Safety, civil protection and prevention and attention to emergencies.
  • Independent work in advisory and training for the anticipation, diagnosis, evaluation and control of the dangerous agents and conditions in the work place, on civil protection and emergency services. Also, in the integral managing of quality, health, safety and environmental control.

Graduation requirements

This career is coursed in 3.5 years (7.5 semesters) and it is required to complete 342 credits to obtain the college degree. (Social service is a Constitutional requirement to all students in Mexico)

Application procedure

Visit the Control Escolar’s webpage: